'Handmade in America' Means High-Quality Accessories September 25 2014, 28 Comments

A recent article by an Fi-Three.com writer captured the essence of our company. In the article, company founder Glendon Breismeister shares why "made in America" means better products for consumers.

(Be sure to click on the link at the end of this post and keep reading. Glendon also tells where to get the best fried chicken in Brooklyn in case you're in the neighborhood.)

Here's a snippet from the Q&A:

Your line is made in Brooklyn. Is this important?

The Americana inspired look that we associate with Brooklyn is still popular the world over. This will never die in my opinion. But, a refinement of this has set in over the past 5 years and you’re left with Brooklyn 2.0. Mixing this refinement with workwear and utility inspired design, I think you have something very unique beyond Wayfarers, beards, yuppies & brownstones. Local handmade manufacturing is an invaluable tool to any designer, not only because it allows for an incredible control over product but also because it supports the local economy. (Read More)