High Style Meets the 'Big Easy' With Fraques and GLENDON LAMBERT November 03 2014, 0 Comments

How about some high style in the Big Easy?

Located in New Orleans, Fraques caters to those seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (in style, of course).

That's why you'll find GLENDON LAMBERT's handmade neckwear there.

Brooklyn-based GLENDON LAMBERT manufactures and sells American-made accessories and leather bags for men. (Leather bags will be available on our Website and at select retailers in the very near future.)

Specializing in the production of neckties, bowties and handkerchiefs, GLENDON LAMBERT products are handmade in Brooklyn.

Glendon designs many of his own fabrics and works with some of the best mills in Europe to create heirloom-quality textiles that can be worn casually and formally.

Customers may also find GLENDON LAMBERT accessories at fine retailers across the United States, in Canada and in Japan. (See complete list.

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