| GLENDON LAMBERT Founder Tells Why 'Made in America' Is So Important September 25 2014, 0 Comments

Your line is made in Brooklyn. Is this important?
The Americana inspired look that we associate with Brooklyn is still popular the world over. This will never die in my opinion. But, a refinement of this has set in over the past 5 years and you’re left with Brooklyn 2.0. Mixing this refinement with workwear and utility inspired design, I think you have something very unique beyond Wayfarers, beards, yuppies & brownstones. Local handmade manufacturing is an invaluable tool to any designer, not only because it allows for an incredible control over product but also because it supports the local economy.

What is the range of your collection?
GLENDON LAMBERT is a collection of men's accessories: my neckties, bowties and pocket squares using both casual and formal fabrics that I have procured or designed myself with help from some of the world’s best mills. I have always focused first on designing and presenting my own custom fabrics—from casual Italian linen to formal English silk—with an emphasis on color.

How has the trend towards more casual attire affected the necktie business?
We’re adapting. GLENDON LAMBERT neckwear is specifically designed for someone who mixes high and low fashion pieces—melding suit separates with street wear to come up with their own style. This is the market now—often less formal overall but increasingly more focused on quality and American manufacturing. We deliver on all these fronts.

Name three songs on your playlist.
Lee Moses—“Bad Girl”
The Congos—“La La Bam Bam”
Eric B. & Rakim—“Know the Ledge”

If we get lost in your neighborhood in Brooklyn, where should we eat?
If you have $3 in your pocket, our corner bodega, Yafa Deli (on Fulton and Clinton avenues), has the best fried chicken in Brooklyn. It may be a nondescript, flourescent-bulb-lit establishment, but it’s worth a visit if you’re here. They think my name is London.